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The Doctor Who Figurine Collection Reveals Dalek Gun Ship Special Edition

The latest Special Edition from the Doctor Who Figurine Collection has been unveiled: the Dalek Gun Ship, seen in the 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor’s swansong, The Time of the Doctor. And needless to say, it looks awesome.

The Dalek Battle Pod is a small fighter-craft piloted by 3 Daleks, armed with a single laser turret. It was successfully used during the last day of the Last Great Time War to launch an attack on the Time Lord’s second city, Arcadia. Equipped with lethal weaponry and heavily armed, the Fighter Pods are the most destructive weapons in Daleks’ arsenal.

The menaces from Skaro then used the ships to attack Trenzalore during its siege, when the Doctor refused to leave the town called Christmas, instead fighting a war that lasted hundreds of years – and eventually resulting in his regeneration (“breaking some serious science here, boys!”).

The figurine measures about 15cm, and comes with 3 smaller bronze Daleks which can be placed in the operator’s positions on the base of the pod or can be displayed separately. 

The Dalek Battle Pod figurine comes complete with a 20-page illustrated magazine examining your figurine in close detail, the role of the Daleks in their final assault on the Doctor’s home world in the Last Great Time War, and exclusive behind the scenes of The Time of the Doctor.

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection Special Edition: Dalek Battle Pod is available to pre-order for £25.99 from 16th September 2019.

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The Doctor Who Figurine Collection Reveals Dalek Gun Ship Special Edition

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