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New Target Novelisations of Doctor Who Serials to be Announced for 2020?

BBC publishing appears to have 4 new Doctor Who titles in the works for 2020, including listings for “Target” books…

The only problem is that, for 3 of them, we know nothing other than their planned publication dates (11th of June for one and 18th of June for the other 2). They might be new novelisations, reissues (of Resurrection and Revelation of the Daleks, for example), something similar to the recently published Target Storybook, or possibly a tribute to the late Terrance Dicks, who of course wrote the vast majority of Target novelisations.

Each of these – issued as “Target 1“, “2“, and “3” – will retail at £7.99.

We do at least know a little more for the 4th title, due to be published on the 6th of February, in that it appears to be a novel by none other than Sophie Aldred, who played Seventh Doctor companion, Ace.

This won’t be Sophie’s first foray into Who-related publishing. In 1996, she collaborated with visual effects designer Mike Tucker to release Ace! The Inside Story of the End of an Era. This was her account of the last 3 years of the classic era and also included some interesting visualisations of how Ace might look in the future (inspired by the Virgin New Adventures). Now, thanks to the forthcoming Season 26 box set, we may have the definitive answer to Ace’s fate. Could Sophie’s novel be related?

Watch this (time and) space.

David Traynier

New Target Novelisations of Doctor Who Serials to be Announced for 2020?

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