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Enjoy Weekly Downloads from Big Finish – For Free!

During the UK lockdown, Big Finish is releasing free downloads of full-cast audio dramas, for a limited time – starting today (6th April 2020)!

Every Monday, a new story (or episode from a box set collection) will be made available to download exclusively from the Big Finish Weekly Deals page. These stories can be unlocked by anyone who has registered for a Big Finish account – free to create – and played on the Big Finish app (also free to install).  

Each story will be available for one week only, and comes accompanied by a special discount offer on related titles.  

This week’s free title is The War Doctor – The Innocent!

Starring John Hurt and Jacqueline Pearce, this story is notable for being the first Big Finish release featuring a “new series” Doctor. Set during the Time War, it concerns the War Doctor’s recovery on the peaceful planet Keska. Here’s the synopsis:  

As the Daleks mass their time fleet for a final assault on Gallifrey, something ancient is waiting for them at Omega One. And a sacrifice must be made. 

Arch-manipulator and Time Lord strategist, Cardinal Ollistra receives shock news of the Doctor’s death. 

Meanwhile, on the planet Keska, a parochial war has returned to plague a peaceful civilisation after decades of tranquillity. But how can such a war have any connection with the great Time War which, at any one moment in the whole of eternity, could threaten to tear the universe apart? 

If only the Doctor were still alive. 

Big Finish listeners can get up to 50% off related War Doctor adventures at the Weekly Deals page, or save even more money with a download bundle of The War Doctor 1-4. These offers expire at 11:59pm BST on 12th April 2020.

Further free stories will be released over the next eight weeks.  

Please note that Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mailout of collector’s edition CDs will be delayed, but all purchases of CD releases unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date. 

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Enjoy Weekly Downloads from Big Finish – For Free!

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