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Lockdown Who: Learn Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Heaven Sent in Tweet-Along Rewatch

Felling confined and alone, days merging together as the meaning of time slowly ebbs away, and you’re mulling over the prospect of an eternity spent solely with your own thoughts? You’re not the only one! That’s what the Doctor faced after suffering the loss of Clara Oswald, while he was trapped in his Confession Dial.

That was, of course, Heaven Sent (2015) – which will be the first Twelfth Doctor adventure to be featured in Lockdown Who! This project sees fans across the globe watching a specific episode at a specific time, tweeting along their thoughts, and watching out for behind-the-scenes secrets revealed by cast and crew on social media. These have, so far, been accompanied by special additional material.

The rewatch of Heaven Sent takes place on Tuesday 14th April 2020 at 8pm BST – Peter Capaldi’s birthday!

Writer, Steven Moffat; director, Rachel Talalay; Veil actor, Jami Reid-Quarrell; and storyboard artist, Mike Collins will all be tweeting along to the episode. Will Capaldi break his Twitter silence too? We doubt it – give the man a break; it’s his birthday! – but we shall see…

Use the hashtag #HellofaBird if you’re taking part.

Organised by Doctor Who Magazine‘s Emily Cook, these rewatches began with The Day of the Doctor, and continued with RoseThe Eleventh Hour, Vincent and the Doctor, and The Doctor’s Wife.

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Lockdown Who: Learn Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Heaven Sent in Tweet-Along Rewatch

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