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Take Part in Human Nature/ The Family of Blood Watch-Along This Friday

The next tweet-along rewatch of Doctor Who during lockdown takes place this Friday (24th April 2020), and will follow a fan-favourite serial: Human Nature/ The Family of Blood.

Writer Paul Cornell, director Charles Palmer, and Daughter of Mine/ Lucy Cartwright actress, Lor Wilson will all be taking part. Fingers crossed Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) will also take part; and perhaps David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) will return to Twitter for the occasion too.

These watch-alongs are the brainchild of Doctor Who Magazine‘s Emily Cook, in an effort to bring fans from across the world together during the COVID-19 lockdown. Previous rewatches, which have been accompanied by special material (such as a video diary from Rory Williams, and the last ever installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures), have included Rose, The Doctor’s Wife, and The Day of the Doctor. Human Nature/ The Family of Blood is the second Tenth Doctor rewatch, after The Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End.

This particular two-parter will be especially interesting as Cornell adapted it from his novel, Human Nature, which featured the Seventh Doctor.

To take part, start watching at 7pm BST. If you’re joining in on social media, use the hashtag #DoctorOfMine.

Philip Bates

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Take Part in Human Nature/ The Family of Blood Watch-Along This Friday

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