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Enjoy The Doctor’s Daughter: Stolen Goods Free From Big Finish

This week’s free #lockdownloads title from Big Finish is Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter: Stolen Goods, written by Matt Fitton and starring the wonderful Georgia Tennant in the lead role!

Every Monday, a new story (or episode from a box set collection) can be downloaded exclusively from the Big Finish’s Weekly Deals page. Each story will be available for one week only, and is accompanied by a special discount offer on related titles.

The Doctor’s Daughter: Stolen Goods was originally released as part of The Worlds of Doctor Who collection. Jenny was the daughter of the Tenth Doctor, artificially created from his DNA when it was sampled by a progenation machine. She was born ready to save planets, fight monsters, and save the day, using nothing but her bravery, wit and instinct – and an awful lot of running.

Here’s the synopsis:

Jenny is new to the universe and keen to explore – but in unfamiliar spaceships, accidents happen. She’s lucky to have someone on-hand to help. A slippery, fast-talking someone, called Garundel. 

Soon, Jenny is mixed up in cons and explosions. But she also finds something strange, inexplicable, and as new to universe as she is. She’ll call him Noah. 

You can also get 50% off the complete Series 1 of Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter audio adventures at the Weekly Deals page. Plus, there’s 25% off the usual bundle price of this series when bought together with the Lady Christina series.

Further free stories will be released by Big Finish over the next four weeks.  

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Enjoy The Doctor’s Daughter: Stolen Goods Free From Big Finish

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