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Take Part in Tonight’s Zygon Invasion/ Inversion Watch-Along with Ingrid Oliver and Peter Harness

Following the success of previous Doctor Who tweet-along rewatches, organiser Emily Cook has revealed that the next will take place tonight (10th May 2020): The Zygon Invasion/ The Zygon Inversion.

Writer, Peter Harness will be tweeting along, as will Osgood actress, Ingrid Oliver; we’re also promised a new short prequel, The Zygon Isolation, to be released online at 6:30pm (BST) tonight, a short time before the rewatch starts.

These rewatches involve fans worldwide downloading, streaming, or using physical copies of the episodes, and starting at the same time; then you’re encouraged to get involved on Twitter using relevant hashtags and keeping an eye on official accounts (like Harness’ and Oliver’s) to learn behind-the-scenes secrets.

Tonight’s rewatch was due to start at 7pm, but has been shifted to 7:15pm (BST) to account for Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus speech. It also means #TruthOrConsequences will likely be trending shortly after the UK Prime Minister takes to his podium…

This is the second Twelfth Doctor watch-along, after Heaven Sent (although he was technically in The Day of the Doctor). Previous rewatches included Rose, Dalek, and Vincent and the Doctor.

So to take part, keep an eye out for The Zygon Isolation, then press play on The Zygon Invasion at 7:15pm, then on The Zygon Inversion at 8:15pm.

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Take Part in Tonight’s Zygon Invasion/ Inversion Watch-Along with Ingrid Oliver and Peter Harness

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