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Out Now: The TARDIS Chronicles – Volume One

Want to know more about the Doctor’s incredible time-space ship, the TARDIS? Wonderful Books’ The TARDIS Chronicles: Volume 1 is the perfect guide to that blue box.

The book is written and designed by Paul MC Smith (The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium; The New Who Programme Guide), with a foreword by former Doctor Who Magazine editor, Clayton Hickman.

Here’s the blurb:

For decades the TARDIS has taken the Doctor and friends – including us – to locations around the world throughout its history, and to every corner of the universe. The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan once revealed the Ship kept a record of its journeys: THE TARDIS CHRONICLES is that log. Every trip, every planet, every passenger – everything this incredible vessel has experienced during its travels.

As well as charting the TARDIS’s journeys, the Chronicles contain complete details of which controls are used and what they do; everything we learn about the Ship’s functions and abilities; analysis and discussion of its operation and landings; and facts about how the marvels of the TARDIS were produced using props, sets, models and effects – debunking a few myths along the way.

Plus there are accurately illustrated histories of each Police Box prop, control room set and control console, covering their design, construction and many modifications.

THE TARDIS CHRONICLES tells you everything there is to know about the real star of Doctor Who. Volume 1 covers the TARDIS’s travels before the Doctor enlisted in the Time War, from his flight from Gallifrey to a gunship crashing on Karn.

That’s right: this book contains precise locations and times the TARDIS lands in, with icons denoting each time we see or hear the Ship materialise or dematerialise. By examining the TARDIS, Smith manages to cover the whole of Doctor Who history!

Hickman, something of a TARDIS expert, says:

“The blessed relief of The TARDIS Chronicles finally existing – without me having to write the bloody thing – cannot be overstated.”

The TARDIS Chronicles is available now, priced £22.99.

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Out Now: The TARDIS Chronicles – Volume One

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