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Mandip Gill to Star in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Romantic Drama, Filmed During Lockdown

Thirteenth Doctor companion actress, Mandip Gill will star in a new interactive drama filmed during the UK lockdown imposed by the government as a reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Five Dates features Vinny, a millennial who joins a dating app for the first time in the hopes of striking up romance during lockdown, going on virtual dates with five different women, one of whom will be played by Gill. It will allow viewers to choose how Vinny behaves on each date and the narrative will react accordingly.

Filming began last Wednesday, with each star shooting their sections from their homes, using iPhones and sound equipment sent to them by the production team, Good Gate Media.

Five Dates also stars Georgia Hirst (Vikings), Marisa Abela (Cobra), Taheen Modak (Van der Valk), and singer-songwriter Sinéad Harnett (All That You Are).

In true Choose-Your-Own-Adventure fashion, the Radio Times reports that the script for the story ran to 350 pages, whereas an hour-long TV drama is typically 60- 70 pages.

The drama will be made available to buy on gaming platforms by Wales Interactive, including Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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Mandip Gill to Star in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Romantic Drama, Filmed During Lockdown

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