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Make Your Own Thirteenth Doctor Stories With Doctor Who Comic Creator App Update

We’ve all wanted to do it. We’ve all imagined what it would be like to be showrunner and create our own Doctor Who adventures. Now we can, with the Doctor Who Comics Creator App.

While the app has been around for a few years now, only recently has it added the Thirteenth Doctor; her companions, Yaz, Graham, and Ryan; and Sacha Dhawan’s Master into the ranks. In fact, they all come together along with the Cyber-Time Lords from The Timeless Children in a new downloadable pack.

The app itself offers some intriguing panel layouts to make the comic varied and includes the offer to purchase different packs of Doctors, companions, and monsters, plus a way of mashing monsters together to create something entirely new. You also get another episode of the comic A Stitch in Time. (You get the first episode free with the download).

I remember downloading the app when it was originally released and really enjoyed myself, even if it is aimed at the younger fans (or fans who are young at heart). But it is a lot of fun to create brand new adventures for your favourite TARDIS teams. It’s also great that you can use characters from any era imaginable in the same comic book.

Who wouldn’t want an adventure with the Thirteenth Doctor and Victoria Waterfield, the Twelfth Doctor and Susan, or the Second Doctor and Amy Pond?

The Thirteenth Doctor pack is the latest to be included in the line up, so why not let your imagination run wild? Unleash your inner showrunner and create the stories you want to tell!

Jordan Shortman

Make Your Own Thirteenth Doctor Stories With Doctor Who Comic Creator App Update

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 1 min
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