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Was Time Lord Victorious Nearly Cancelled by the Coronavirus Pandemic?

From the way that the epic new multi-platform narrative, Time Lord Victorious has been promoted, you’d be led to believe that it had been smooth sailing all the way along, and that it had been planned out for some time before now. However, with the world currently in lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, what promises to be one of the most expansive and intriguing stories ever told by Doctor Who was nearly cancelled all together.

Talking in the online panel about Time Lord Victorious with Comic Con @ Home, producer James Goss describes some of the troubles he found with the project in the early days of the pandemic. And now, how it has still affected certain aspects of it, including the immersive theatre experience and the Escape Room. He says:

“I was trapped in Turkey for a week and by the time I got back, the world had ended. I was convinced Time Lord Victorious was going to be over.”

Luckily though, there were some elements of Time Lord Victorious which lent themselves quite nicely to the lockdown era we are currently living in.

“Titan Comics has just got on and done their stuff because its almost business as usual. Big Finish were recording with the Doctor using his son’s garage band equipment.”

Big Finish has excelled lately at remotely recording and producing their fantastic audios, and as comics are usually drawn in home offices these days, the only reason to be going into the company building is to have meetings. Goss continues:

“The books are just so epic and extraordinary – the great thing about books is that it can be written outside an office.”

Goss seems really happy about everything has turned out in the end. He says:

“The thing that keeps happening whenever I have a meeting about Victorious is not just how exciting it is, but how lucky we are, because I genuinely thought the project would have been cancelled. But because the licensees have all gone at every stage ‘Don’t worry, there is a way through this’, we’ve found a way to keep going on. It’s amazing.”

Time Lord Victorious is here now, and I’m expecting some great things here, because it’s clear how much time and love has been put into the project; for those reasons, and the fact that I love Doctor Who, Victorious is something I’m going to be definitely checking out!

Jordan Shortman

Was Time Lord Victorious Nearly Cancelled by the Coronavirus Pandemic?

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 2 min
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