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Out Now: The Chronosmith Chronicles – After Vincent

Looking for some timey-wimey fiction while Doctor Who is off the TV? Altrix Books has just the thing: a new book series, The Chronosmith Chronicles, launching with After Vincent – perfect for fans of Vincent and the Doctor.

The Chronosmiths are here to put time back on its true course by correcting false and misleading histories. The first mission takes them back to the time of Vincent Van Gogh, the focal point of a religious movement in the 83rd Century.

Here’s the blurb:

In 83rd century Humania on the refugee moon Kat A, a religion dedicated to the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh becomes the cover for an audacious art heist by newly installed High Priest, Theo Treeves. The Chronosmiths, Tor Fasa, Kendo, Mordicai and Savalia, are assigned by the multi-species employment agency Aliens for Hire to investigate Treeves.

Has he been breaking strict anti-time travel laws to acquire new originals to display in the Yellow Temple… can they catch him in the act… and just what is he hiding inside the mysterious Blackest of Blacks room?

Journeying across Vincent’s timeline, the Chronosmiths have their own agenda in play, one that could turn the Goghian faith upside down as they uncover the truth behind the myth and the man behind the paintings.

Paul Driscoll is a writer and editor based in Greater Manchester. He is the co-author of the Doctor Who charity novel, Gallifrey (with Kara Dennison), and has contributed to various anthologies, including Master Pieces (Altrix Books), A Pile of Good Things (Rathzem), A Clockwork Iris (Obverse Books), and Tis Magic (Hidden Tiger). He is also the author of two studies in Obverse Books’ critically acclaimed Black Archive range and is a member of the editorial team.

You might recall Altrix’s previous book, Seasons of War, about which, in our review, we said:

“The writers also don’t gloss over many of the tropes of Gallifrey: Matric, Sky Trenches, Death Zone, and the vast collection of artefacts attributed to Rassilon. What they do well is use these where useful and move beyond to carve out their own world.

“Of course, there’s a lot of war, death, regeneration, technology, and time trickery, so, although this is an unofficial book, it’s very much swimming in the language and ethos of Doctor Who. The pacing is good and there’s a clear ending that brings the separate elements together well.”

Five further books are planned for the first series: Eleanor’s Tears by Kara Dennison, Art of History by Jon Arnold, The Importance of Glass Slippers by M.H. Norris, Sceptre of the Innocents by Paul Driscoll, and The Hummingbird Conspiracy by Kara Dennison. Ginger Hoesly supplies cover art and design.

The Chronosmith Chronicles: After Vincent is out now.

Philip Bates

Editor and co-founder of the Doctor Who Companion. When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates pretends to be a freelance writer. He enjoys collecting everything. Writer of The Black Archive: The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang, The Silver Archive: The Stone Tape, and 100 Objects of Doctor Who.

Out Now: The Chronosmith Chronicles – After Vincent

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