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Titan’s Thirteenth Doctor Comic Relaunches with the Return of Rose and the Sea Devils

The first arc of the Doctor Who Comic from Titan stars both the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors, plus Rose Tyler, and a returning foe…

This follows on from the news that Titan Comics is rebranding its line of Who comics under the banner title of Doctor Who Comic, presumably so the company can tell stories from across the Whoniverse without having to create hundreds of mini-series. The previous year of comics from Titan, titled The Thirteenth Doctor: Year 2, saw the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan, and Yaz teaming up with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones in 1960s London to tackle the double threat of the Weeping Angels and the Autons.

In their coverage of the Time Lord Victorious storyline, Titan has taken the Tenth Doctor out of time and plonked him in the middle of a Dalek invasion.

This new run of Doctor Who Comic sees the two Doctors facing off against the Sea Devils. Meanwhile, Rose Tyler is leading the Human Resistance.

The Sea Devils are a monster I’ve always wanted to see return to the series and I find them more interesting than the Silurians. I’m very happy to see them again in some shape or form as they haven’t appeared on screen since Warriors of the Deep, though they have played a nice role in some of the extended media, most notably the Virgin New Adventures range of books.

As usual, the series is written by Jodie Houser who has really impressed me with her work on the Thirteenth Doctor comics with art from Roberta Ingranata and colours from Enrica Angiolini, who have similarly impressed over the last few years.

Doctor Who Comic promises to be an interesting publication and I’ll certainly be picking up the first issue; it also comes with a series of variant covers from many different talented artists for us to choose from!

Doctor Who Comic #1 and #2 are both on sale now, priced $3.99 each. #3 is expected on 13th January 2021.

Jordan Shortman

Titan’s Thirteenth Doctor Comic Relaunches with the Return of Rose and the Sea Devils

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