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Mark Bonnar Returns as Big Finish’s Eleven for The Sixth Doctor Adventures

Mark Bonnar is back as the insane rogue Time Lord, the Eleven, this time facing off against the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Constance Clarke (Miranda Raison).

Colin Baker stars alongside Miranda Raison in a one-off Doctor Who series entitled The Eleven, three new full-cast audio adventures due for release in September 2021. Can the Doctor triumph against one of his own kind? And what must he sacrifice in the attempt?

First introduced in the Eighth Doctor’s Doom Coalition series, the Eleven retains the personalities of his previous regenerations and uses them to create chaos across galaxies. And this time he’s got a companion too – played by Mark Bonnar’s real-life wife, Lucy Gaskell.

Here’s the synopsis for The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven:

The Eleven – a Time Lord criminal, whose past selves all live on inside his head. Chaotic, yet brilliant, he has long been one of the Doctor’s most persistent and dangerous foes. 

Now, with a companion of his own and a world on his wavelength, he is making his greatest play for power.  

Can the Doctor and Constance stop him, or will they be caught inside his web? 

This Sixth Doctor special contains three twisted tales: 

  • One for All by Lizzie Hopley 
  • The Murder of Oliver Akkron by Nigel Fairs 
  • Elevation by Chris Chapman 

Script editor Matt Fitton said:

“Little did I know when I wrote The Eleven (the opening story of the Eighth Doctor’s Doom Coalition series) what a monster I was creating! I say ‘I’, but the concept is really the brainchild of David Richardson and Ken Bentley. It was a privilege to write the character into the Doctor Who universe – but we really struck gold with Mark Bonnar, as he leapt wholeheartedly into the chaos and madness of the role.  

“Now the Eleven has his own box set, and his own companion, Miskavel, who in some ways is just as twisted as cunning as her partner. Working with Lizzie, Nigel and Chris on these scripts, it’s been a delight to build the world of Molaruss and see all the new aspects these writers bring to the Eleven, as well as what might happen if his many minds really were given free rein…” 

Producer David Richardson added:

“The Eleven is a favourite character of mine – largely due to the performing powerhouse that is Mark Bonnar. We’re so lucky to have him working for us at Big Finish. A while back Mark had mentioned that his wife Lucy (yes Kathy Nightingale in Blink!) would be interested in doing a Big Finish, and we were very keen but it’s taken a little while because I wanted to find a great part. And Miskavel is a great part – the Eleven’s wife! Oh, what mayhem they can create together… And it’s a really lovely box set, in which our three writers take these characters and really run wild with them.” 

The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven is now available to pre-order on CD (at £19.99) or digital download (at £16.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website.

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Mark Bonnar Returns as Big Finish’s Eleven for The Sixth Doctor Adventures

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