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The Weeping Angels Return in the First Trailer for Upcoming Game, The Lonely Assassins

The BBC has released the first full trailer for upcoming smartphone game, The Lonely Assassins, and it is a doozy.

The game was announced in October and will be available to download on 19th March 2021, although you can pre-order it right now. And after seeing the trailer, we’re pretty sure you’ll be wanting to do exactly that…

Yep, not only are the Weeping Angels back, but so are Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) and Larry Nightingale (Finlay Robertson), in what seems to be a sequel to the Angels’ debut story, Blink!

Developed by Kaigan Games (Sara Is Missing), The Lonely Assassins thrusts players into a dark mystery amidst a series of sinister events occurring at Wester Drumlins. You’ve found Larry’s phone, and now, only Osgood can help you…

Here’s the brief synopsis for The Lonely Assassins:

“Merciless as ever, the Weeping Angels are back with a vengeance. Will you be able to uncover the truth and avoid their clutches? Now that the Weeping Angels have the power to infiltrate technology, no device is safe.”

Ah yes, sorry about that, but the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel…

You can pre-register for access on iOSAndroid, and Steam. The game will also be released on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Pre-registration will unlock rewards like bonus story content, digital wallpapers, and printable posters.

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The Weeping Angels Return in the First Trailer for Upcoming Game, The Lonely Assassins

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