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The PodKast With a K Talks Doctor Who Spin- Offs With Cutaway Comics

The Kasterborous Doctor Who podcast this week chats with Gareth Kavanagh about Cutaway Comics, producers of stories about a range of Doctor Who characters and settings including Orcini from Revelation of the Daleks, a sequel to Nightmare of Eden, and an expansion of Paradise Towers.

With Lytton already available, Omega released, and the audio version with Brian Blessed on the horizon, there is plenty to discuss.

Of particular interest is how the projects have been funded. Kavanagh relates how he accidentally used Kickstarter for the Lytton project and now bakes it into every Cutaway Comics production.

I was working with one of the comic artists on Lytton’s covers, and he went “Well surely you’re doing Kickstarter” and I went “Well, no…” and he went “Idiot!” and he called me “idiot” about three times. “Why aren’t you doing Kickstarter?”

And he told me: “There is a whole range of customers on Kickstarter who you will never reach, who will never know about the project you’re doing who are now looking for indie comics.”

Gareth Kavanagh

Click play below to listen to the full show.

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The PodKast With a K Talks Doctor Who Spin- Offs With Cutaway Comics

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