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Matt Smith: “Doctor Who Is the Best Job in the World”

Eleventh Doctor actor, Matt Smith has spoken to Port magazine about Doctor Who and fondly shares his feeling that it’s “the best job in the world”.

Smith left the series in 2013, the show’s 50th anniversary year, although he cropped up in the following year’s Deep Breath for a brief cameo too. When asked if he misses playing the part, he replied:

“Of course you miss Doctor Who – it’s the best job in the world, but it’s challenging and taxing as well. That’s why people often get to three or four years before they throw the towel in.”

Matt played the Eleventh Doctor from 2010’s The Eleventh Hour (after a post-regenerative scene in The End of Time), and saw the show through three seasons, plus a few specials, notably the anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

He also revealed which prop he was given after leaving the programme:

“I’ve got the sonic screwdriver. They gave me a little box painted like the TARDIS and my costumes.”

Matt was pretty notoriously clumsy and broke numerous sonic screwdrivers during his time shooting Doctor Who — fingers crossed he keeps this memento safe in its box!

It would, of course, be great to have the Eleventh Doctor return for more stories, whether for a multi-Doctor tale on TV, or for Big Finish. With Arthur Darvill reprising his role as Rory Williams for the audio company’s The Lone Centurion sets, we are at least enjoying new adventures from this era of Who

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Matt Smith: “Doctor Who Is the Best Job in the World”

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