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Out Now: Big Finish’s The Worlds of Blake’s 7 Launches with Avalon Volume 1

Big Finish launches its Worlds of Blake’s 7 range today with Avalon Volume 1, collecting together three stories from Steve Lyons, Gary Russell, and Trevor Baxendale.

Olivia Poulet (Sherlock, Doc Martin) returns as Avalon. Battling the Federation from Earth, she enlists the help of characters and voices that will be familiar to fans of Blake’s 7 old and new, including smuggler-turned-freedom fighter Jenna Stannis (Sally Knyvette) and dastardly Space Commander Travis (Stephen Greif). 

This set includes: 

Terra Firma by Steve Lyons  

The Resistance on Earth has been decimated. Blake has been arrested. Avalon returns home, to the seat of the Federation’s power, to pick up the pieces. But she’ll need the help of a self-centred smuggler named Jenna… 

Throwback by Gary Russell 

Argo Madison’s career as a clerk was uneventful – until a band of outlaws burst into his ordered life and brought it crashing down around him. Now, Captain Travis of Space Security wants to know what Madison knows about the rebel leader Avalon… 

Black Water by Trevor Baxendale 

Avalon hopes to pull the Resistance on Earth together with a bold attack upon an Administration facility. But her plan might be doomed before she can put it into action, thanks to a traitor in the ranks… 

Joining Olivia, Sally, and Stephen in this brilliant box set are Nicholas Asbury (Coronation Street, Chewing Gum), Malcolm James (Coronation Street, Blake’s 7: The Classic Adventures), Cliff Chapman (The Sandman, Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures), Stewart Clarke (The Diary of River Song, Stranded), Richard Reed (Blake’s 7: The Classic Adventures, Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures), Jon Edgley Bond (Hollyoaks, Emmerdale), William Ellis (The Crown, Great Expectations), Dawn Murphy (Blake’s 7: The Classic Adventures, Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures), and Becky Wright (The Archers, The Avengers). 

Poulet said:

“She’s a complicated character because she does care, and there’s glimpses of understanding and empathy, but at other times she’s just absolutely single-minded – she’s not entirely likeable, which is what makes her interesting. It makes her much more layered. She’s prepared to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed, in her mind. She doesn’t need to be liked, which is really intriguing to play.” 

Producer John Ainsworth added:

“Avalon shares the same ideals as Blake did, in terms of fighting for freedom and humanity against the tyranny of the Federation, so we explore the same concepts and ideas that the TV series did in Avalon 1 but through a different character. She’s not exactly like Blake but has a similar goal in mind, with her eye always on the bigger picture.” 

The Worlds of Blake’s 7 – Avalon 1 is now available as a collector’s edition CD box set (at £19.99) or digital download (at £16.99), exclusively from the Big Finish websiteAvalon 2 is due for release in June 2021 and you can save money by ordering both volumes together in a bundle for £38 on CD or £33 on download. 

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Out Now: Big Finish’s The Worlds of Blake’s 7 Launches with Avalon Volume 1

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