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Out Now from Big Finish: The Sixth Doctor Faces Mark Bonnar’s The Eleven

Mark Bonnar’s villainous Eleven has proved a massive hit since his debut in Big Finish’s Doom Coalition series — so much so that we’d love to see him in the TV show — and, in a new boxset released today, he’ll be facing Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor.

The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven finds the Doctor and Constance Clarke (Miranda Raison) up against a foe of the Doctor’s own kind, the Eleven (Mark Bonnar), with a companion of his own in Miskavel (Lucy Gaskell). 

Expect tyranny, treachery and trickery – and a mind-altering Time Lord showdown…

Here’s the blurb:

The Eleven – a Time Lord criminal, whose past selves all live on inside his head. Chaotic, yet brilliant, he has long been one of the Doctor’s most persistent and dangerous foes. Now, with a companion of his own and a world on his wavelength, he is making his greatest play for power. Can the Doctor and Constance stop him, or will they be caught inside his web? 

The cast for this box set is completed by Glen McCready (Missy, Callan), Simon Slater (The Bill, Sherlock Holmes), Anjella Mackintosh (The Ninth Doctor Adventures, Counter-Measures), Annabelle Dowler (The Diary of River Song, The Robots), Luke Barton (The Worlds of Blake’s 7: Avalon), and Big Finish newcomer, Eva Savage.

Producer David Richardson said:

“What a joy this is. Colin and Miranda, Mark and Lucy – having a total ball as good against evil, battling it out on the planet Molaruss, where the population are ‘duo minds’. It’s a planet where the Eleven can feel at home – and he plans to make it all his own…” 

Mark Bonnar added:

“It was very exciting being asked to do my own box set as the Eleven with Colin Baker, and it was lovely to be able to get Lucy involved, giving us a chance to work together again after many years.  

“Playing the Eleven is always a joy and long may it continue. I keep thinking that it’s bound to stop at some point but the creatives at Big Finish have loads of ideas, and as long as they have great ideas I’m more than happy to keep recording. Why would you want to stop doing something as much fun as that?!” 

The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven is now available on CD (at £19.99) or digital download (£16.99).

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Out Now from Big Finish: The Sixth Doctor Faces Mark Bonnar’s The Eleven

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