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Ruth Madeley Joins the Sixth Doctor and Mel as New Companion, Hebe

BAFTA-nominated actress, Ruth Madeley (Years and Years) is joining Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor and Bonnie Langford’s Mel Bush in a new series of adventures for Big Finish!

Due to board the TARDIS in May 2022, Madeley plays marine biologist Hebe Harrison, a brand new friend and travelling companion for the Sixth Doctor. Hebe is part of a survey team on an abandoned North Sea oil rig. As her colleagues disappear one by one, she teams up with the Doctor and Mel to find out what’s really happening…  

Ruth Madeley said:

“Being a part of the Doctor Who family is so much fun. Hebe is such a great character to play and I’m always excited to see what adventures she gets up to with the Doctor and Mel.”  

 Producer Jacqueline Rayner said:

“Casting a new Doctor Who companion – what a responsibility! I compiled a list of every trait my dream companion should have, but they’d need flaws too, and they had to be a person that would click instantly with the Sixth Doctor…  Finding an actor who could take that big shopping list of attributes and turn them into a real, believable human being, that was a big ask.   

“Except it wasn’t, because I knew exactly who I wanted. But to say she’s a rising star is an understatement – was there any chance she’d be willing to do it? Surely not. So champagne corks were popping when we got the news that Ruth was on board! As well as being a wonderful actor, she’s one of the loveliest people to work with, and hearing Hebe spring to life during recording was just amazing. Ruth instantly became part of the Sixth Doctor family, and we’re so lucky to have her.”

Ruth Madeley makes her Big Finish debut in The Sixth Doctor Adventures –Volume One, available now to pre-order on CD at £19.99, and as a digital download (at £16.99), or you can save money by pre-ordering the bundle of Volumes One and Two together (on CD at £38 or as digital downloads at £33). 

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Ruth Madeley Joins the Sixth Doctor and Mel as New Companion, Hebe

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