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The Fugitive Doctor is Back in Titan Comics’ Free Comic Book Day Issue!

It seems that Jo Martin’s Doctor, as introduced in Fugitive of the Judoon and known colloquially as the “Fugitive Doctor”, will return, this time in a comic book from Titan — and it’ll be completely free!

The first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), a chance for fans to go to their local independent comic stores and pick up a free issue: this generates more custom for those stores and gives readers a chance to try something new or get a teaser for what’s to come.

However, all we know about Titan’s FCBD Doctor Who title is a generic text which fortunately still confirms that it’ll kickstart a new arc for the range:

Exclusive lead-in to an epic new Doctor Who story arc, launching May 2022!

An epic adventure with the traveling Time Lord, this issue serves as a lead-in to the explosive new story arc that reveals the very early years of the Doctor. Past, present, and future all collide in a Doctor Who tale that’s out of this universe!

There’s a lot of fun stuff available for FCBD, including 25 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man & Friends Super Comic Teaser, Spider-Man/ Venom #1, Disney Masters Donald Duck & Co. Special, Best of 2000AD, Marvel Voices, and Street Fighter Masters: Blanka — in fact, an incredible 46 titles!

Ashton Greenwood, Free Comic Book Day spokesperson, said:

“Every year, we strive to bring fans a memorable Free Comic Book Day experience. We’re looking forward to returning to the traditional first Saturday in May event date and hope fans will visit local shops to celebrate what we hope will be one of the best FCBD events yet! The variety of this year’s comic book selection is really exciting! There’s something for every kind of fan, from the long-time reader to the comic book curious. We know comic book retailers are looking forward to treating everyone to a day of fun and discovery, so we hope fans will safely visit their comic shops to celebrate!”

FCBD is a great event — however, what most people don’t know is that comic stores have to pay publishers for these comics, so please be considerate and don’t grab too many titles (or complain if you grab a bundle then get asked to put a few back for others!).

You can get your free comics by popping to your nearest comic book shop on 7th May 2022 (although it’s probably best to contact them beforehand to check which issues they’re getting in, and if they’re participating at all).

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The Fugitive Doctor is Back in Titan Comics’ Free Comic Book Day Issue!

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