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Out Now: Limited Edition Warriors of the Deep Silurian Set from Character Options

In unexpected news, Character Options’ first online exclusive Doctor Who collector set of 2022 is a set of three Silurians from the 1984, uh, “classic”, Warriors of the Deep!

Okay, I’m being harsh. I like Warriors of the Deep! And it’s a joy to see Ichthar, Tarpok, and Scibus as 5.5″ action figurines.

But be quick if you want one: it’s limited to just 5000 units.

Here’s what Character Options says:

“The new Warriors of the Deep (1984) set includes the Three Command Silurian crew of Ichthar, Tarpok, and Scibus as seen in the Season 21 episode of the same name. Perfect for all Doctor Who fans and collectors, the set comes beautifully displayed in a special presentation pack with diorama insert and Doctor Who heritage packaging. These figures will only ever be available this one time only, and offers the perfect opportunity for fans to add to their collections.”

The set is available exclusively through the Character Options website, where you can also buy an array of Doctor Who goodies, including a Terror of the Zygons set, the Thirteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, and The Claws of Axos triptych. Yes, a triptych.

Al Dewar, Character Options’ Creative Director, enthused:

“I personally remember this story with great fondness; partly this was because from the start I was trying to guess who the protagonists were as the mysterious submarine closed in on the Sea Base. And then later because of the great rework of the original design for this classic monster.

“The Silurian costume design is excellent and I think created quite a different look with the updated carapace body added. The Silurians in this story are like the Silurians and Sea Devils of old; they are not the baddies and neither are they alien. They are simply trying to survive and in the story it’s the humans who appear less than squeaky clean. Like many really good Doctor Who stories there are no winners at the end of Warriors… just survivors. It’s a really cracking adventure with the Fifth Doctor with a kind of feeling of downbeat inevitability which I really like.

“Three Silurians in the set might seem an odd choice but for me this story is all about ‘Three’. We have the three races, humans, Silurians, and the Sea Devils. We have Ichthar, the last of the original Silurian Triad. The three Silurian characters themselves are the command crew of the ratty old sub and all we see of the once proud race. Obviously we have the Silurians’ own third eye though this time used as a speech unit and not as a psionic weapon. Therefore the set we’ve brought together works perfectly as we have two Silurians with the black unlit eye and the slight variation in body deco on these means they are all slightly different. I absolutely love this figure and think it’s one of the best we’ve done and a great addition to the Classic line up.”

The Warriors of the Deep set is available now, while stock lasts, from Character Options.

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Out Now: Limited Edition Warriors of the Deep Silurian Set from Character Options

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