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Billie Piper Returns as Rose Tyler in Big Finish’s The Dimension Cannon Volumes 2 and 3

Rose Tyler is back later this year for Big Finish’s The Dimension Cannon — which apparently isn’t a big discussion about Doctor Who canon.

This October, Billie Piper returns to the world of Doctor Who as Rose Tyler in the first of two brand-new box sets, joined by Camille Coduri, reprising her role as Rose’s mum, Jackie Tyler, and Mark Benton as Clive Finch.

Set after the events of Doomsday, this spin-off drama series follows the exploits of Rose, her friends, and family, trapped in another dimension on a parallel Earth. With her world doomed and a universe at stake, Rose must continue her frantic search for the only person who can help: the Doctor.  

Billie Piper said:

The Dimension Cannon is such a brilliant idea and gives Rose a lot more life beyond the Doctor. But there’s also something quite sad about her search. It’s a real bitter-sweet series of tales. 

“I’m delighted for the fans to receive these new adventures. It’s something they talk to me about just as much as the episodes I appeared in on TV. It seems like there’s an enormous appetite for it and it’s very moving to imagine listeners spending a few more moments with this family particularly.”

Producer Emily Cook added:

“Rose was my gateway into Doctor Who, my first companion, and I adored her. I still do. So safe to say it’s an absolute joy – both on a personal and professional level – to take on producing two more volumes of The Dimension Cannon. I’m such a fan of this series. 

“In addition to producing, I had the privilege of writing one of the scripts (my first for Big Finish). There’s such a responsibility when writing for Billie because she’s a phenomenal actor, particularly in terms of her ability to convey raw emotion. That’s something I really wanted to tap into with these stories. 

“As with Doctor Who itself, the possibilities for The Dimension Cannon are endless. There are so many potential parallel worlds out there for us to explore and I can’t wait for fans to hear where we go next.”

The Dimension Cannon Volume 2 — Other Worlds is now available to pre-order for £19.99 (as a 3-disc CD box set and download) or £16.99 (download only). Or you can save money by buying volumes two and three of Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon together in a bundle for £38 (as a CD + download) or £33 (download only).

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Billie Piper Returns as Rose Tyler in Big Finish’s The Dimension Cannon Volumes 2 and 3

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