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BTS on Doctor Who Series 13: Jamie Magnus Stone Talks About Directing Flux

As Doctor Who Series 13 drifts away from us in the rear-view mirror, it’s perhaps time to reflect on the run of episodes which formed the Flux storyline from different perspectives. And while we often talk about performances and scripts, one core aspect of a production that is more rarely touched upon — at least when it comes to TV — is direction.

Sure, we do know the names of directors and we appreciate their work, but I’m not sure we fully understand what goes on behind the lens.

So here’s an enjoyable behind-the-scenes video with Jamie Magnus Stone, director of a triptych of episodes for Season 13, The Halloween Apocalypse, War of the Sontarans, and Village of the Angels. (You might also recall Stone from working on a number of stories for Series 12, including the first part of Spyfall, Praxeus, and the finale, Ascension of the Cybermen/ The Timeless Children).

Philip Bates

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BTS on Doctor Who Series 13: Jamie Magnus Stone Talks About Directing Flux

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