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Bill Bailey Reimagines the Doctor Who Theme Tune… as Belgian Jazz

Sometimes, you have to wonder whether we ever have enough Belgian jazz in our lives. Sure, you hear it blasting out of pubs, boy-racers speed past with it pumping through the air, and there’s the BBC Belgian Jazz World Service too, providing us with this critical rite 24/7. But we nonetheless occasionally feel like our Belgian jazz quota is lacking.

Cue Bill Bailey, with this inspired version of the Doctor Who theme tune, in the style of singer-songwriter and actor, Jacques Brel.

You’ll know Bailey, aside from his stand-up work and as the winner of Strictly Come Dancing, for being in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (2011). The above clip, provided by the Royal Opera House, comes from his DVD, Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra. It is pretty remarkable, don’t you think?

Philip Bates

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Bill Bailey Reimagines the Doctor Who Theme Tune… as Belgian Jazz

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