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Wait, Was Legends of the Sea Devils Supposed to be Jodie Whittaker’s Swansong Doctor Who?

A new interview with outgoing producer, Matt Strevens, has both cast fresh light on the upcoming Doctor Who specials and made us question whether Legend of the Sea Devils was due to be the last story for the Thirteenth Doctor.

Strevens recalls:

“When [the BBC] approached Chris [Chibnall], saying ‘We’d love you to do one more – we know the production schedule’s really tight, but what do you think about doing a special for the centenary of the BBC?’, it was a no-brainer.”

Okay, so that might’ve meant Jodie Whittaker’s swansong was just delayed, making space for Legend of the Dea Devils, but Matt goes on to say:

“It meant a lot to Jodie to know that she would regenerate – it’s lovely to pass that on.”

Can we infer that this era was otherwise due to conclude without the Doctor regenerating? It might be jumping the gun to assume that, without Russell T Davies and Bad Wolf Productions stepping in, Doctor Who might’ve been cancelled or put on hiatus… and yet, that’s where minds will surely turn.

And we’ve already heard that this might be an unconventional regeneration.

Good on Chibnall for concluding Whittaker’s run on a milestone for the BBC! We’re sure this’ll be a special episode to celebrate.

Nonetheless, it all sounds a bit concerning, doesn’t it?

Then again, do you remember when Steven Moffat dropped the bombshell that, at one time, only Jenna Coleman was actually contracted for the 50th anniversary? So The Day of the Doctor would’ve been without Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, let alone David Tennant’s Tenth and an extra War Doctor (John Hurt) too? That does at least imply that the BBC leaves these things until the last minute…

Legend of the Sea Devils is due to air over Easter 2022.

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Wait, Was Legends of the Sea Devils Supposed to be Jodie Whittaker’s Swansong Doctor Who?

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