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Check Out the Out of Time 1 Fan Animation by Josh Snares [UPDATED]

The first instalment of Big Finish’s multi-Doctor trilogy, written by Matt Fitton, has received a full-length animated treatment from Australian fan Josh Snares, best known for producing and narrating Doctor Who documentary videos including the Making-Of for the Mission to the Unknown recreation

They may not be a professional animator, but doesn’t Josh’s animation look magnificently impressive!

Originally released in August 2020, Out of Time 1 sees both the Tenth (David Tennant) and Fourth (Tom Baker) Doctors unite against the Daleks (Nicholas Briggs) in Cathedral of Contemplation. The audio adventure was met with acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Due to avoiding copyright issues on YouTube, the animation does not include the audio which means that you’ll need to purchase the CD and/or digital download from Big Finish. And in order to enjoy the experience, make sure play the video in sync with the audio (preferably on a computer).

And here’s a shoutout from the official Big Finish Twitter account!

UPDATE: Josh has added a behind the scenes video, chronicling how they made the fan animation.

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Check Out the Out of Time 1 Fan Animation by Josh Snares [UPDATED]

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