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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils?

And so we’ve now only got one episode of the Thirteenth Doctor era left!

Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall’s swansong won’t air until the autumn, tying into the BBC’s Centenary celebration episode — which boasts the return of Tegan Jovanka, Ace, the Daleks, Cybermen, and Sacha Dhawan’s Master! — so while thoughts naturally turn to that episode, we want to know what you thought of Legend of the Sea Devils, the 2022 Easter special (the first actual Easter special in over a decade, the previous one being 2009’s Planet of the Dead — unbelievable, but true).

This was the first time we’ve seen the Silurians’ aquatic cousins since 1984’s Warriors of the Deep, ad, aside from blinking and snarling, they were mostly practical, not CGI. Which is refreshing! So what did you think of them? What about the pirate theme? Doctor Who arguably has a dodgy history when it comes to pirates, so was this a step-up or did you feel like walking the plank?

Have your say by voting in our poll then expanding on your thoughts in the comments section below!

Philip Bates

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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils?

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