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Christopher Eccleston Reveals He’s Recorded “Something Special” for the 60th Anniversary

Ninth Doctor actor, Christopher Eccleston, has revealed that he’s recorded something special for Big Finish, to tie into Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary celebrations.

What’s more, the project is with alternate Doctor (and Cold War star), David Warner!

Eccleston was speaking at the FedCon in June, and said:

“I did something very special for the 60th anniversary, and for me it was all about working with this incredible actor, an incredible human being called David Warner. I think the 60th is my favourite and you’re gonna have to wait, but it’s going to be worked away because David Warner is extraordinary and if any actor should have been the Doctor it would have been David.”

Warner plays the so-called “Unbound” Doctor, an incarnation of the Time Lord from another parallel universe, diverted from Big Finish’s Doctor Who Unbound range. He debuted in 2003’s Sympathy for the Devil then returned for Masters of War, before numerous appearances in other ranges, notably The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield with Lisa Bowerman.

And this will be the first anniversary project that Eccleston has been directly involved in, having passed up the opportunity to be in 2013’s The Day of the Doctor, his place essentially being taken by a “new” incarnation of the Doctor, played by John Hurt.

Eccleston has played the Ninth Doctor for Big Finish since 2021’s Ravagers set.

Obviously, we don’t expect to hear this 60th anniversary audio adventure until November 2023, and there should be plenty more news before then anyhow. Nonetheless, it’s great to hear that Eccleston has been involved with “something very special” to tie into the larger celebrations.

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Christopher Eccleston Reveals He’s Recorded “Something Special” for the 60th Anniversary

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