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Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #1 — Mongols at the Pass

The year is 1289. Marco Polo is in the service of the Great Kublai Khan, traveling with mongols. On the journey to China, then known as Cathay, Polo’s barbarian entourage encounters four strangers at a snowy mountain pass.

In celebration of Doctor Who‘s 60th year, we present the first of seven illustrations inspired by the travels of Marco Polo, exclusively from Red Bubble. “Mongols at the Pass” is available in a variety of formats, be it posters, cards, acrylic blocks, or prints suitable for framing. Such prints are available mounted and framed, as a canvas, on metal, and more.

For the 50th anniversary, I did a graphic novel version of The Daleks’ Master Plan, so it felt right to do something to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary by creating illustrations inspired by one of its most inspired productions.

Marco Polo, of course, is the missing fourth Doctor Who serial, starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor, Carole Ann Ford as Susan, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright, and William Russell as Ian Chesterton.

We hope you enjoy these scenes inspired by Marco Polo. Look out for more between now and late 2023.

And in case you’re wondering, the featured image is a low-res version of the final print, so expect finer quality on anything you order!

Rick Lundeen

Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #1 — Mongols at the Pass

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