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Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor Script Now Available on the BBC Writers’ Room

The script for the 90-minute Doctor Who Centenary special, The Power of the Doctor, has been added to the BBC Writersroom script library!

This isn’t the post-production version done on Microsoft Word, with timecodes and music cues; this is an actual script formatted on the professional screenwriting software Final Draft. That’s ideal for anyone learning the craft, or who just wants to see how Chris Chibnall actually tackled the regeneration story.

Written by the former showrunner, Chibnall’s final script for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor contains a number of deleted scenes and dialogue (some of which are altered). I won’t give away any specific changes here, but I would highly recommend checking out this very long, comprehensive thread on Twitter detailing the differences between the script and the feature-length episode.

If it turns out that more footage was actually filmed, I’m sure plenty of fans would be dying for an extended edition. Just like The Five Doctors receiving a similar treatment, either a special TV broadcast or straight to DVD/Blu-ray and digital could work.

In addition, you can also download the post-production script for the 2022 Easter special, Legend of the Sea Devils, co-written by Chibnall and Ella Road.

Various scripts from throughout Jodie Whittaker’s era, as well as previous eras, all the way back to 2005’s Father’s Day by Paul Cornell, are available through the BBC service too.

Andrew Hsieh

Aspiring screenwriter with Asperger's syndrome, and lifelong Whovian since (shortly after) Christopher Eccleston's reign, Andrew has written and co-edited short story anthologies for Divergent Wordsmiths. Plus, he lives near Bannerman Road.

Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor Script Now Available on the BBC Writers’ Room

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