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Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #5 — Attack on the Camp

A too quiet night in the bamboo forest. With danger at every pass, it’s no surprise when enemy mongol forces attack Marco Polo’s camp. Sudden slaughter and savagery in the dead of night.

In honor of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, and inspired by the seven part, pure historical drama, we continue The Marco Polo Collection with “Attack on the Camp”, available only at Redbubble. This high resolution image can be obtained in any number of forms and sizes, on prints, posters, cards, and other merchandise. And with all prints, there is a choice of the standard image, or the enhanced version with the title and border included.

And until 7th March, you can get 20% off everything on RedBubble!

All the danger, conflict and treachery in the story begins and ends with the scheming Tegana, and his nefarious plans. While others don’t necessarily trust the mysterious warlord, Marco Polo believes Tegana to be loyal to him and his cause in the name of his mission for the exalted Kublai Khan. Whether it’s sabotaging Marco’s water supply for the caravan, or orchestrating this attack, Polo finds out too late who the viper is in their midst.

Also available in “The Marco Polo Collection” at Redbubble:

Note: The images above are of low resolution for the purposes of this article only, as the actual image is high resolution, perfect for the prints available.

The Marco Polo Collection will continue next time with “The Khan’s Palace”…

Rick Lundeen

Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #5 — Attack on the Camp

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