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Doctor Who Redacted to Return for Second Series (But Has Jettisoned Its First Producer)

Doctor Who Redacted proved very popular when it was released but news of a second series having been commissioned seems to have come as a bit of a surprise. The first series saw a group of podcasters who have become best friends and are university drop outs. Their podcast was about the three investigating appearances of a strange blue box, and people’s memories of the Doctor mysteriously vanishing.

News of the second series came out when TARDIS Central posted on Twitter about it being on the online CV of writer, Karissa Hamilton-Bannis, stating that she would be writing one of the upcoming episodes.

In keeping with the previous run, the series will keep Juno Dawson as the head writer. However, there is a new producer in the form of James Goss, replacing previous producer Ella Watts. This has understandably been met with some controversy.

While Ella wishes Goss the best (he has been a writer and producer for Big Finish for many, many years, and has also written Doctor Who in other mediums), she did state in a post on Twitter that she was upset by having been replaced on the BBC project without any explanation, despite saying that she wished to remain on the project once the first series had finished.

Redacted was popular and seemed to surprise a lot of people; while I’m still to listen to it, I know there are a lot of cameos from various Doctor Who characters, including the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker). At this time, there is no news on whether the original characters from the podcast will be returning or if Series 2 of Redacted will follow on a different storyline completely. But we can guess that it will be released later in 2023 to coincide with the other celebrations for the 60th Anniversary.

Jordan Shortman

Doctor Who Redacted to Return for Second Series (But Has Jettisoned Its First Producer)

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