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A Confidential-Like Show Will Reportedly Take Us Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who

Tenth and Fourteenth Doctor actor, David Tennant, has hinted that a spin-off show akin to Doctor Who Confidential will tell the behind-the-scenes stories of the new era of Doctor Who.

It’s been rumoured for some time that a Confidential-like show would accompany the main programme, and now, Tennant has at least confirmed that footage has been filmed, taking us behind the cameras for the 60th anniversary.

Speaking at the Galaxy Con event, Tennant enthused about meeting comic creators on set:

“It was absolutely thrilling. It was all filmed by all the various Doctor Who Confidential-style people, so you’ll see all that. But it was very exciting for us, for them to visit us on set.”

Rumour has it that such a new series will be called Doctor Who Unleashed… although we can’t help but feel that Doctor Who Confidential would still be a perfect name and carry on the legacy of the first Russell T Davies era. Confidential accompanied the first six series of 21st Century Doctor Who, before being cancelled by then-BBC3 Controller, Zai Bennett (now director of Sky Atlantic). It was a real kick in the teeth to those of us who loved finding out what happened in the wider production, and especially to people like me who are fascinated by the TV industry and want to work in it.

We can see Davies bringing back Confidential or an equivalent, especially with BBC3 now back on TV, having been relegated to online for a few years previously.

But of course, this isn’t a confirmation from Tennant. Behind the scenes filming could simply make it to a Blu-ray boxset or similar. Nonetheless, this all rings true with some of the rumblings we’ve been hearing for some time now anyway, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Philip Bates

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A Confidential-Like Show Will Reportedly Take Us Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who

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