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Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor Faces the Weeping Angels in Upcoming Audio Boxset

Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), and Nerys Hughes (as new companion Margaret Hopwood) will battle the Weeping Angels in an upcoming audio boxset from Big Finish.

In a June 2023 Fourth Doctor Adventures set, the TARDIS crew explore Margaret’s past, meet World War 2 GIs before a historic day, and battle the quantum-locked statues that first appeared in Blink.

And in The Wizard of Time, the late, great stage and screen actor, Ronald Pickup (The Reign of Terror) guest stars as a famous author, Jacob Harmer.

Tom Baker added:

“Ronald Pickup was a prodigy of the national theatre. He was always very encouraging and nice to me. He really was thrilled to be at Big Finish like I am. He loved it.”

The also features Olivia Poulet (The Thick of It, Back), Alastair Mackenzie (Professor T, Unforgotten) and Shvorne Marks (Breeders, The Baby).

Here’s the synopsis for The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons:

The Wizard of Time by Roy Gill (2 parts)

It’s time for a story.

Jacob Harmer was one of the greats. His fantasy novels for children entranced a generation. But how much of their stories were fantasy and how much of them was the truth?

At last he’s ready to tell the tale of what really happened.

The Friendly Invasion by Chris Chapman (2 parts)

It’s 1943 and the village of Westbourne has been invaded… not by the enemy, but by the allies. The American troops are ‘over here’ and enjoying themselves mightily.

Except there’s someone else visiting the village. And not just the new barmaid, Margaret. Or her unusual friends, Leela and the Doctor. Something with a sinister agenda all its own.

Stone Cold by Roland Moore (4 parts)

The TARDIS lands on a rocky, volcanic planet and its crew soon find they are not alone.

A pleasure cruiser has recently crashed on this world… but survival has proved rather dangerous.

Because there’s something out on the surface snatching people away. Something made of stone. And with wings.

Don’t blink.

The Ghost of Margaret by Tim Foley (2 parts)

The journey has been long, but it’s time for Margaret to come home.

Or is it a different time entirely? Reunited with a ghost from her past, she’s finds herself in a whole new world.

The Doctor and Leela are about to discover that people don’t always leave easily…

Producer David Richardson said:

“Ronald Pickup was a legend – an actor’s actor. It was such sad news to hear of his death. He always enjoyed working for Big Finish and had such fondness for Doctor Who – it was, after all, his very first professional role (The Reign of Terror in 1964).

“Tom Baker was delighted that we secured Ronald for The Wizard of Time, and they spent much time in the green room reminiscing about mutual friends and happy times.”

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons is now available to pre-order for £24.99 (on CD and as a download), £19.99 (digital download only), or together with New Frontiers in a bundle from £39.

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Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor Faces the Weeping Angels in Upcoming Audio Boxset

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