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Check Out These Stunning Photos of New Doctor Who Companion, Ruby Sunday, “Regency Ready”

The BBC has released new images of Millie Gibson as new companion, Ruby Sunday.

Gibson is starring alongside Ncuti Gatwa (as the Fifteenth Doctor) in Doctor Who Series 14, which airs in 2024, although Gatwa will debut this Christmas… so we presume Gibson will too!

The photos come from last week’s on-location filming reportedly at Tredegar House in Newport, which was closed to the public from 9th to 13th May. The house was previously used for numerous stories under showrunner, Russell T Davies, including the Series 2 stories Tooth and Claw and The Girl in the Fireplace, and Human Nature/ The Family of Blood in Series 3.

Guest star, Jonathan Groff (Frozen) has also been on set for the shoot.

The images of Millie were promoted as showing Ruby as “Regency ready”, a period generally considered as being from around 1795 to 1837, nestled between the Georgian and Victorian eras. It’s generally considered a time of sophistication and refinement… although as is often the case, that was largely confined to the upper classes.

Fans have generally been going nuts on social media (such is their wont) about the Doctor and his companion changing costumes depending on the era they land in. And yep, that’s pretty cool, pretty old-school, but we always think of this in terms of tales set in the past; while it’s likely the Doctor will favour his previously-revealed standard costume and Ruby a modern-day look, it would be interesting to see the duo fitting in with contemporary fashion in the future too.

And we should also note that Millie is looking stunning in these photos. We can definitely see period drama in her personal future.

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Check Out These Stunning Photos of New Doctor Who Companion, Ruby Sunday, “Regency Ready”

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