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John Boyega Would “Love” to Play the Doctor or a Companion (Albeit Briefly)

Star Wars actor John Boyega is the latest big name actor to state that he would love to play the Doctor.

Speaking to Radio Times, Boyega said he would “love” a cameo appearance in the show. Boyega played Finn in the last three Star Wars films of the so-called “Skywalker Saga”.

The 31 year old actor agreed that diversity is improving in the film and television industry:

“It is opening up. You get inspired by things like Ncuti Gatwa playing the Doctor in Doctor Who – that is special to me. The glass ceiling can’t limit us. It’s exciting to see what comes out of this new stage of film-making and entertainment.”

Would he like to play the Doctor? Boyega responded enthusiastically:

“I would love that! But get me in an episode where I’m one of the many Doctors in many timelines so I can just cameo it. Or I’d be the assistant, whatever. I’d show up – but just for one episode.”

It feels like he’s seen Fugitive of the Judoon, doesn’t it? Or is a fan of multiverse storytelling…

Either way, it sounds like he isn’t too keen on joining another huge franchise and sticking with it for an extended period of time. So maybe, just maybe, he could show up as a guest character, not the Doctor or a companion.

Frank Danes

John Boyega Would “Love” to Play the Doctor or a Companion (Albeit Briefly)

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