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An Actor From a Classic Fourth Doctor Adventure is Returning for Doctor Who Series 14

New Script Editor, Scott Handcock, has teased that an actor from Classic (i.e. 20th Century) Doctor Who will be coming back to the programme for Series 14.

But we don’t know who it is yet, or if they’ll be playing the same character again as they did in Doctor Who before (though we reckon that’s pretty unlikely).

Handcock enthuses:

“It’s a triple-unit shoot day as Julie Anne Robinson wraps on Block Three, David Tennant continues with his publicity material for the specials, and Ben Chessell kicks off filming on Block Four – with Jinkx Monsoon’s announcement.

“What isn’t announced is that Jinkx’s first day on set teams her with an unexpected name from the Tom Baker era.”

So who could it be?

Dare we hope for Tom Baker himself?! Okay, it’s exceedingly unlikely, but keep your fingers crossed, DWC readers! Similarly, we doubt it’s a companion, but Louise Jameson, Lalla Ward, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton, and Janet Fielding would all be very welcome.

Otherwise, one of the best calls we’ve seen around this revelation is David Haig, who played Pangol in The Leisure Hive, but who you might also know from Killing Eve, Florence Foster Jenkins, Doc Martin, and more. He’s an excellent actor — one of my favourites actually, especially as Inspector Grim in The Thin Blue Line — so it’d be great to see him in Ncuti Gatwa’s first season as the Fifteenth Doctor. Similarly, Julian Glover is a decent guess too, although would Handcock highlight him for being in City of Death while he was also in The Crusades with William Hartnell’s First Doctor?

We’ll find out soon, with Series 14 airing in 2024.

Philip Bates

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An Actor From a Classic Fourth Doctor Adventure is Returning for Doctor Who Series 14

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