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Two Doctors and Two Sarah Janes! Big Finish Announces The Box of Terrors Audio Novel

Big Finish has announced a new 60th anniversary celebratory tale, The Box of Terrors — in which two Doctors and two Sarah Jane Smiths unit to tackle an old enemy.

And it’s an enemy who feels due for a return, considering he first appeared in Doctor Who‘s 10th anniversary storyline, The Three Doctors. That’s right: it’s Omega!

Jon Culshaw narrates a brand-new double Doctor diamond anniversary audio novel, due for
release in November 2023, written by Lizzie Hopley and with a neat painted cover by Claudia Gironi.

Here’s the blurb:

After being framed for the destruction of an entire civilisation, the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane follow a strange comet to planet Earth.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor and his Sarah Jane are called to an intergalactic emergency: the beacons protecting the ‘Sand Box’, are failing.

When the TARDIS crashes to earth before his eyes, the Fourth Doctor is reunited with his former self and another Sarah Jane. But are the four of them enough to keep the Sand Box closed and whatever is within from getting out?

Writer Lizzie Hopley said:

“The Box of Terrors is the biggest thing I’ve written for Big Finish and it was an honour to be asked to do it for the 60th Anniversary.

“’The Third and Fourth Doctors battle Omega’ is not a job you say no to and there was much discussion with the endlessly talented duo, David Richardson and Roland Moore, as to who and what else to feature – imagine that sweetshop of ideas!

“Structuring something this big is immensely tricky, ensuring every aspect of plot and character
has a through-line and makes an emotional impact. What helped hugely was hearing Jon Culshaw’s voice(s!) in my head as I wrote. It’s a trick I do for all my audio as writing prose to be performed rather than read is a different process but knowing the sheer range of Jon’s talent meant I could really push things. I can’t wait to hear what he and the sound team have made of this crazy journey.”

Big Finish listeners can also save money by purchasing all six titles in the Audio Novels range together as a bundle for £99.

The Audio Novels: The Box of Terrors, featuring specially composed music and sound effects, is now available to own for £17.99 (download only).

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Two Doctors and Two Sarah Janes! Big Finish Announces The Box of Terrors Audio Novel

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