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Help Fund Set to Stun, an Exhibition About Sci-Fi in London (and Get Exclusive Doctor Who Rewards!)

Gunnery Park & Museum are set to open a new and exciting exhibit, Set to Stun, which will be celebrating science fiction design from film and television from the 1960s to the present day, in particular looking at the West London creatives who brought some of sci-fi’s most iconic creations to life.

The exhibit will feature props, costumes, and scenes from various movies and television shows including Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy amongst others. Alongside these exhibits, the creators of the exhibit have been working with the original creators including people like Doctor Who‘s Jeremy Bear and Mike Tucker. And they’ve also got the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android, David Learner on hand to give an exclusive reading of Hitchhiker’s Guide, and once you’ve done that, you can see Marvin’s original costume which does feature as part of the actual museum if you can’t wait until the exhibit opens this October!

However, the project is being funded through Art Fund and as such needs public support to really get it going; and there is plenty on offer for Doctor Who fans as a reward. Some of these tiers get quite expensive but there are some brilliant rewards!

£15 – Set of 8 postcards – These postcards detail concept art of Jeremy Bear’s sets from the Third Doctor story, The Mutants.

£25 – A Set to Stun tote bag.

£30 – Set of 8 postcards and a tote bag.

£50 – A signed print of Jeremy Bear’s concept art for The Skybase Laboratory from The Mutants.

£50 – A private viewing of the exhibit to be held on the opening night October 19th.

£75 – Set of 8 postcards/Set to Stun tote bag & a signed print.

£100 – Sponsor a Dalek – all proceeds from this go towards repairs and renovation on an original 1988 Remembrance of the Daleks model.

£100 – A signed copy of Who’s There? The Life and Career of William Hartnell – signed by the author, his real life granddaughter, Jessica Carney.

£100 – A signed copy of The Dalek Combat Manual.

£142 – Marvin and Marvin – Join an exclusive reading of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android David Learner, then an exclusive Q&A and a signing event. Only people who buy tickets for this will be allowed to attend these three events.

£150 – An exclusive tour – Join Mike Tucker, Jeremy Bear, and the curator, Dr Tom Crowley, for a tour of the exhibit on the evening of 1st December.

£450 – An Alien Escape at Gunnersbury – You and 5 friends can take part in an exclusive escape room which sees an alien escaping from the museum’s Rothchild’s Rooms.

This sounds like a brilliant exhibit and I’m tempted by the concept art which looks really nice. I think the sets of The Mutants are perhaps the best thing about that story so some of the art from it would be great, and it could be nice to see an Art of Doctor Who book in the future…

Set To Stun is due to open in Gunnersbury Park & Museum in London on 19th October 2023. You can support the project through the Art Fund.

Jordan Shortman

Help Fund Set to Stun, an Exhibition About Sci-Fi in London (and Get Exclusive Doctor Who Rewards!)

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