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Russell T Davies Teases a Mysterious Guest Star in the Doctor Who Series 14 Finale

Russell T Davies has promised a famous guest star who appears in a “crucial scene” in the Doctor Who Series 14 two-part finale.

Oh, and because it was filmed entirely in the studios, this star will come as a huge surprise; if this were on location, watching fans would’ve spotted this celebrity actor, but within the confines of the Bad Wolf production lot, many mysteries remain hidden…

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Davies enthuses:

“There’s a great set in the very last block of the 2024 series. It only appears for one scene. But a crucial scene! With a really lovely guest star, unseen by the public, unannounced in the press, cos the scene takes place secretly within the studio, so you’ve got a nice surprise to come. Oh, but this scene has been hotly debated. This much I know! Should it exist? Is it needed? It’s been in, it’s been out, it’s been reinstated, it’s been cut again. Until finally, it stayed, its in-and-out status betrayed by its designation, Scene 27B.”

The 2024 series will be the first with Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor, accompanied by Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday and, for the finale, Bonnie Langford once more as Mel Bush! The run of episodes is expected to air early next year.

So until then, we have much to speculate about. Who could the guest star be? Well, we know he’s a fan, seeing as he was sporting a Doctor Who shirt on the set of Barbie opposite Ncuti, so could they have brought in Ryan Gosling? Or maybe an familiar Doctor Who face, i.e. another returning companion?

We don’t know, frankly. It’s going to be a while until we do know.

What we do know is that Doctor Who is back on TV with three 60th anniversary specials later this year!

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Russell T Davies Teases a Mysterious Guest Star in the Doctor Who Series 14 Finale

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