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Out Now: The TARDIS Cross Body Bag, and Set of Three Doctor Who Tote Bags From Lovarzi

Lovarzi has announced new Doctor Who bags: the TARDIS Cross Body Bag, and a set of three tote bags featuring designs incorporating the Fourth and Tenth Doctors!

And until tomorrow (20th August 2023), you can use the code WHO10 during checkout and save 10%.

The TARDIS Cross Body Bag is a companion to Lovarzi’s popular TARDIS Laptop Bag, which launched their line of bags in 2019. It has a repeated TARDIS design inside and out, complete with a glow-in-the-dark Police Public Call Box patch on the front.

Open it up and you’ll find a large main section with an additional zipper pocket, plus another large organiser section on the front to keep your pens, smartphone, and sonic screwdriver in.

There’s another secret pocket on the back of the bag, with a magnetic strip to keep things from easily falling out.

Made from a blend of polyester and nylon, and measuring 28 x 24 x 9.5cm, this versatile and lightweight bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, meaning it’s ideal for travelling or everyday use.

The TARDIS Cross Body Bag launches alongside a set of three exclusive premium canvas tote bags, each sporting a different eye-catching design.

The first bag features the iconic Fourth Doctor and Leela, played on screen by Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, with the loveable sidekick, K9. The illustration is by the superb Mike Collins (2000AD; Uncanny X-Men), who served as the storyboard artist on numerous Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctor stories including Under the Lake/ Before the Flood, The Doctor Falls, and Kerblam!, although he’s perhaps best known for his work on the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip.

The second bag, meanwhile, is emblazoned with an equally-iconic pairing: the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. With David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning for three 60th anniversary specials in November 2023, it felt the perfect time to highlight one of the most memorable storylines from Series 4: The Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End – so this design also features Daleks a-plenty, with their maniacal creator, Davros (Julian Bleach) and the terrifying Supreme Dalek.

The art on this second bag is by Anthony Dry, a friend of the DWC, whose striking work, inspired by the much-missed Chris Achilléos, adorns the modern-day Target novelisations, including City of Death, Rose, The Waters of Mars, The Day of the Doctor, and The Witchfinders.

Rounding out this triptych is the pop art-inspired TARDIS cubes bag, which shows off the world-famous (nay, universe-famous) Police Box in a colourful repeated pattern.

All three come together as a set.

Each canvas bag is 38.5cm high and 34.5cm wide, so you can fill them up with issues of Doctor Who Magazine, a range of Big Finish box sets, Cyberman action figurines, and lots of jelly babies.

The TARDIS Cross Body Bag and set of three tote bags are available now from Lovarzi!

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Out Now: The TARDIS Cross Body Bag, and Set of Three Doctor Who Tote Bags From Lovarzi

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