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Pre-Production Work on Doctor Who Series 15 Has Begun (and It Sounds Like Production Is Imminent)

Producer, Scott Handcock has revealed that scripts for Doctor Who Series 15 are being worked on, and pre-production has likely begun.

Currently being referred to as “the 2025 series”, Series 15 will be Ncuti Gatwa’s second season as the Fifteenth Doctor, and in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Handcock has written:

“Scripts are still coming in, crew are getting booked, and meetings are filling the diaries. Three weeks till formal prep begins on the next season!”

That was apparently written in mid-July, so those meetings seemingly will have began, as has “formal prep”.

It was also revealed that a guest writer met with the production team (likely at least Handcock and new showrunner, Russell T Davies) on 4th July 2023 in Cardiff to discuss scripting an episode of the series. We’ve not actually heard of any guest writers for the Gatwa era of Doctor Who so far — all we know is that Davies has written the lion’s share, and understandably so.

This might sound like a quick turnaround, given that Series 14 wrapped on 14th July with scene 73 of Episode 8, but there’s a lot of talk that Series 14 and 15 are being filmed in one huge run, albeit with a brief break in between, to allow for Ncuti to get time away from the show and do other things while remaining as the Doctor.

Plus, if there’s a 2024 Christmas special — which is exceedingly likely — that’s probably classed as part of Series 15 and would be a bridge between Gatwa’s first two seasons.

Doctor Who will return to TV in November 2023 for the 60th anniversary celebrations.

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Pre-Production Work on Doctor Who Series 15 Has Begun (and It Sounds Like Production Is Imminent)

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