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Sacha Dhawan Teases the Idea of a Doctor Who Spin-Off Featuring the Master

Could there be a Doctor Who spin-off series focusing on the Master? Actor, Sacha Dhawan is especially keen on the idea.

Showrunner, Russell T Davies, has already promised Doctor Who spin-off material, hence the behind-the-scenes programme, Doctor Who Unleashed, so a Master-specific show isn’t entirely out of the question.

Dhawan explains:

“I’m just excited to see where it goes next. It’s coming back and Russell is showrunning it, but I really feel like it’s going to take on a whole new lease of life. I feel the way things are changing, you could follow the Doctor’s story, but it has the scope of other stories to start happening, as well.

“You’re following the trajectory of Ncuti [Gatwa]’s Doctor, but I feel like other Doctors could come back, they could interact with each other, you could have Master spin-offs. I feel like with technology and the way TV’s moving, you could really do that, it could become a real crossover.

“But, in saying that, I really hope – and I know this will happen with Russell being attached to it – that it always remains a quintessentially British show. You can throw so much money at it that it can lose something, and I think that’s what’s so brilliant about Doctor Who.”

Sure, it’s easy to think this is just an actor wanting more money, but Dhawan is a great performer and hardly struggling for parts, so this feels more like a genuine love for the character and the franchise.

Dhawan first played the character when he was masquerading as MI6 agent, O, in Spyfall and went on to appear in numerous Series 12 episodes, plus Jodie Whittaker’s swansong as the Thirteenth Doctor.

Would you like to see a spin-off about the Doctor’s duplicitous counterpart? Let us know in the comments!

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Sacha Dhawan Teases the Idea of a Doctor Who Spin-Off Featuring the Master

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