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This New Picture Book Immerses Kids in the World of Doctor Who: The Web of Fear

To help celebrate Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary, Candy Jar Books is highlighting one of the show’s most loved serials, this time aimed at younger readers.

Written by popular Lethbridge-Stewart and Lucy Wilson author, George Ivanofff, Down in the London Underground takes a sidestep look at the Brigadier’s first story, The Web of Fear.

George explains:

“The idea struck me when I was browsing a copy of Darth Vader and Son, a Star Wars picture book. And I suddenly thought… Candy Jar could do something like this with the Doctor Who characters and creatures they have the rights to use. So, I wrote a pitch. And Shaun jumped at the chance. The book does not feature the Brig, but instead focuses on the Army as it battles the Yeti in the London Underground.”

Although aimed at young people, this picture book tries not to dodge the realities shown in The Web of Fear. Head of Candy Jar, Shaun Russell, says:

“I am a big fan of the Doctor Who/Mr Men books by Adam Hargreaves and felt that this would be a great way to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th birthday. This book, however, has a slightly darker side. Death is always present in Doctor Who, and just like Grimms’ Fairy Tales, this story attempts to be a true reflection of the world in which it is set. The Yeti are here to invade, and they take no prisoners.”

Down in the London Underground has been also been illustrated by Martin Baines. Martin says:

“I’ve always loved illustrating the Yeti, but this assignment was slightly different. I thought it was very important for my cartoon-like artwork to offset the dark nature of the book. I added a few touches of my own and I hope children and adults will enjoy this chilling adventure.”

Down in the London Underground is available to pre-order from Candy Jar Books.

Philip Bates

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This New Picture Book Immerses Kids in the World of Doctor Who: The Web of Fear

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