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Here’s Our First Look at the Fifteenth Doctor’s New Sonic Screwdriver

The BBC has given us a look at the Fifteenth Doctor’s brand new sonic screwdriver, courtesy of a video with the new Time Lord himself, Ncuti Gatwa. And it’s pretty far removed from anything that’s come before…

After the events of The Giggle, the Fifteenth Doctor is bereft of his own sonic screwdriver, but it appears that the TARDIS has provided a new model. It doesn’t look anything like the previous screwdrivers, a clear departure from anything we’ve ever seen before, but what is nice is the way it incorporates a Rwandan proverb, meaning “the sharpness of the tongue defeats the sharpness of the warrior” — albeit in Gallifreyan. A really nice detail!

It’s over to Ncuti, our Doctor, to explain more.

So there we have it: a USB port so it can integrate with other technology, and all powered by a purple crystal.

Oh, and the video also includes brief — very brief — clips from the next story, The Church on Ruby Road, due to air on Christmas Day.

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Here’s Our First Look at the Fifteenth Doctor’s New Sonic Screwdriver

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