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Enjoy 12 New Lucy Wilson Short Stories from Candy Jar Books — Completely Free!

Candy Jar Books is releasing 12 new festive stories to celebrate Christmas — and they’re all free!

Published from 14th to 25th December, these new stories star Lucy Wilson, granddaughter of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The two Christmas-themed short stories by Steven Walton are available to download right now. After this, a story will be released daily, with the concluding tale being released on Christmas Day.

Inspired by the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, the first story is entitled Twelve Drummers Drumming and each subsequent story is named after, and is loosely linked, to one of the twelve days.

Head of publishing at Candy Jar, Shaun Russell, says:

“We like to give something back at Christmas as a thank you for the support our readers have given us throughout the year. In the last few years, we’ve had some brilliant Christmas stories from our regular writer Chris Lynch. And with his Lucy Wilson book, The Best Christmas Ever being released in all good retailers this Christmas (please go and buy a copy if you can), we thought we’d give someone else a chance to celebrate the upcoming festivities. Enter Steven Walton…’

Steven previously wrote a short story for the Lethbridge-Stewart series, which led to the commission of a full-length Lucy Wilson novel, The Mystery of Lucy Wilson: Apocalypse Tomorrow, available exclusively via Candy Jar in the summer of 2023. Following its success, Apocalypse Tomorrow will be released officially through the Books Council of Wales, making it available at all good bookshops, in June 2024.

Publishing Co-ordinator at Candy Jar, Keren Williams, says:

“In my duties as part of the Lethbridge-Stewart and Lucy Wilson editorial team, I’ve found Steven to be a highly creative individual. It’s not easy writing twelve festive-themed short stories back-to-back, but Steven has succeeded and has even managed to bring the reader something different each day, which is a real triumph.”

And, with popular Beano artist Steve Beckett continuing at the helm of the series’ artwork, providing a front cover filled with Christmas chaos, this is a collection that won’t disappoint!

Here’s the blurb for The Twelve Days of Christmas:

By now, Lucy Wilson shouldn’t have expected anything more than a holiday hamper full of monster mayhem at Christmas. But this time around, Lucy didn’t quite anticipate being attacked by her Christmas dinner.

Twelve festive stories featuring monsters in the pipes, a Christmas party gone wrong, and a trip around the world with Santa himself. Will Lucy be able to save the world just in time for the holidays?

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries is a Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off adventure and featured licensed characters created for Doctor Who by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln.

You can enjoy these stories for free from Candy Jar Books now, where you can find other free tomes including The Best Christmas Ever and 6 Festive Objects of Dr Who!

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Enjoy 12 New Lucy Wilson Short Stories from Candy Jar Books — Completely Free!

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