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Lovarzi Unveils New Doctor Who Christmas Designs with the Weeping Angels and Great Intelligence

Lovarzi is proud to unveil three festive Doctor Who products featuring a new pattern focusing on two of the Doctor’s greatest enemies: the Weeping Angels and the Great Intelligence.

The designs are available as a Christmas Sweater, Hat, and Scarf, all made from lightweight, high-quality Acrylic, so they’ll keep you warm and cosy, wherever you’re going shopping for stocking fillers – and perfect for your loved ones to unwrap on Christmas morning!

The Weeping Angels first appeared in Blink (2008), voted one of the most popular stories of all time by Doctor Who Magazine readers; their popularity meant they were soon back, this time to face off against the Eleventh Doctor in The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone (2010). They’ve returned numerous times since, including in Matt Smith’s swansong episode, The Time of the Doctor (2013) and in the Thirteenth Doctor episode, Village of the Angels (2021).

The Great Intelligence, meanwhile, first menaced the Second Doctor in The Abominable Snowmen (1967), but is probably best remembered for the sequel, The Web of Fear, the following year. Despite being a massive hit, the Intelligence disappeared for many years, finally to return in The Snowmen (2012), featuring the sinister titular snowmen that are a key part of Lovarzi’s Sweater, Hat, and Scarf designs.

Maninder Singh Sahota, Director of Lovarzi, says:

“It was only natural for us to turn the spotlight on some of Doctor Who’s best baddies, especially with the show celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Lovarzi’s now been creating officially licensed Doctor Who products for over a decade now too, so it’s a wonderful thought, knowing how many fans have unwrapped our scarves, umbrellas, bags, jumpers, and more on Christmas Day.”

The Weeping Angels and Snowmen Sweater, Scarf, and Hat are also emblazoned with the Doctor’s trusty space-time ship, the TARDIS, plus Christmas trees (hopefully not controlled by pilot fish this time), and a flurry of snowflakes.

The Weeping Angel and Snowmen Christmas Sweater, Scarf, and Hat are available to order from Lovarzi now!

Philip Bates

Editor and co-founder of the Doctor Who Companion. When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates pretends to be a freelance writer. He enjoys collecting everything. Writer of The Black Archive: The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang, The Silver Archive: The Stone Tape, and 100 Objects of Doctor Who.

Lovarzi Unveils New Doctor Who Christmas Designs with the Weeping Angels and Great Intelligence

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