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Ncuti Gatwa’s First Doctor Who Episode, The Church on Ruby Road, to Get Target Novelisation

Just one month after it airs on BBC1 and Disney+, The Church on Ruby Road, will be released as a Target novelsation.

This one doesn’t look like previous Target novels, however, not being accompanied by a classic painted cover, but instead a photo composition by the very talented Lee Binding. The book will be out towards the end of January, while the audiobook version is out in February.

Here’s the brief blurb:

Long ago on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow. Today, Ruby Sunday meets the Doctor, stolen babies, goblins and perhaps the secret of her birth…

Little is known about Ruby Sunday as she was abandoned on Christmas Eve as a baby. Now living with her mum, Carla and grandmother, Cherry her world is about to be turned upside down when she encounters the Doctor and the two set off on their first adventure together…

The Target novelisation of the first full adventure featuring the Fifteenth Doctor, played by Ncuti
Gatwa, and the introduction of his new best friend, Ruby Sunday played by Millie Gibson, is based on Russell T Davies’ original script and is novelised by Esmie Jikiemi-Pear, sci-fi author and co-founder of the organisation Impact of Omission.

We look forward to reading The Goblin Song in this novel…

The book comes shortly after the novelisations of the three 60th anniversary specials, The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder, and The Giggle.

The audiobook, released 29th February, is read by Angela Wynter, who plays Cherry Sunday.

The Church on Ruby Road by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson is out in hardback on 25th January 2024.

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Ncuti Gatwa’s First Doctor Who Episode, The Church on Ruby Road, to Get Target Novelisation

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