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Can You Guess The Doctor Who-Related Name a Schoolteacher Struggled to Pronounce?

Do you remember your school registration? That time when the teacher would have to read out everybody’s names to check you were there? Normally, those names are easy but it isn’t unusual for parents to name their children after characters in television shows or movies.

And sometimes, it’s very funny listening to your teacher trying to correctly pronounce your friends’ names. But it’s not so funny when teachers can’t get your name right (I should know — I had teachers who would call me Jason because apparently Jordan was too difficult!).

But a teacher recently struggled during registration with a Doctor Who-inspired name.

Any guesses? How about the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe?

No, this teacher took to Facebook to explain what had happened. She was working as a substitute when she came across a girl named… Romanadvoratrelundar. She had been named after the Fourth Doctor companion, played by both Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward.

She admitted to struggling even getting through the Romana part before the student told her to call her Romy. Luckily the teacher went and did her research and discovered that even the Doctor calls her Romana and not Romanadvoratrelundar. (I wonder where she got Romy from when her shorter name is Romana…)

The teacher got a number of replies, one person saying how much they loved Doctor Who but would never give their child a name too difficult to pronounce. Another said that the name isn’t as unusual as one might think, with a friend of hers having the same one for the same reasons, though she shortened it to Romana.

Now, what other Doctor Who names could people name their children? I’ve heard of kids being called Leela and Adric; I’ve even heard someone calling a Nyssa. But maybe now is the time to start calling children names like Rassilon, Narvin, Tzim Sha, Broton, Iris Wildthyme, Hex or Ace, Deadbeat, Kingpin, Alydon, Dodo, K9, Soldeed, or Perpugilliam? Let’s give these teachers names to really get their teeth around…!

Jordan Shortman

Can You Guess The Doctor Who-Related Name a Schoolteacher Struggled to Pronounce?

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 1 min
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